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Super Naba: Wasn't the original Noodle Incident from Calvin and Hobbes explained a little beforehand? ((This Troper)) recalls a strip where Calvin was doing a school project on human anatomy...

Calvin: I just boiled up a bunch of noodles and put them in a plastic bag. Doesn't it look like brains?
Hobbes: Ugh

Family Guy from Family Guy, concerning whales:
Chris: Dad, what's a blowhole for?
Peter: I'll tell you what it's not for, and then you'll know why we can never go to SeaWorld again.

Would this be a Noodle Incident or an Incredibly Lazy Pun? It's not a pun by any means, but it fits with the "omitting the punchline" part of an ILP. I think it's a noodle incident, because they never do explain what happens, though the inference is quite obvious...

Doyle: I'm not sure if the second Father Ted example - "the money was just resting in my account" - fits the trope, as this does get explained in one episode (Bishop Brennan responds to the line with "you went to Las Vegas while that poor child was supposed to be in Lourdes!")
Cassius335: I'll admit it's a while since I last saw American Pie, but I can only think of one "This one time" line and it was spokem by Miss Hannigan

Zeta: The way the writer put it, it seems like they only saw the edited for TV version and thought the actual movie left it ambiguous on purpose.

Tabby: I've only seen a handful of Danny Phantom episodes and it was a long while ago, but I could swear they explained "the backwash incident" at some point.

Licky Lindsay: changed the link in the American Pie example to Bowdlerize rather than Edited for Syndication. Because it fits better. Actually the stuff they do to movies in order to show them on TV could probably fill its own page with wacky examples.

Cassius335: Removed from the Pokémon example:

  • A short Dream Sequence involving the professor shows her and her assistants in leather corsets accompanied by whipping sounds. Though it's unclear if this is a memory or a nightmare.

...Because frankly I doubt the show could have gotten away with a BDSM dream.
Fire Walk: Cutting this from the Discworld list. It's a set of Call Backs, which don't really apply:
  • The incident with the sourcerer (no, not sorcerer) is also treated like this in some of the later books, despite the fact that, to this editor's understanding, there was an earlier book which was about that incident. Needless to say, this editor is quite hesitant to read that book for fear of disappointment.
  • It's the third Rincewind novel, so it's during the Your Mileage May Vary period of the Discworld series.

Would it be worth mentioning the Guns + Roses album called "The Spaghetti Incident?" here?
  • Never mind, it was there already.
  • It's not Guns + Roses, it's Guns n Roses. The n can be replaced with and, 'n', 'n, or n', but not +. A doubt anyone understood that last sentence.

Bossman: Removed
  • A Song of Ice and Fire has Summerhall, a former royal residence of the Targaryens, which burned down and the ruins are spoken of as if they were haunted. It's never said straight what caused the fire, but one character implies that it was an attempt to resurrect the extinct dragons.
because we already had an example for A Song of Ice and Fire. If someone who has read the book wants to merge these entries, go ahead.

Bring The Noise: Removed:

  • In Half-Life 2 Episode 2, the second sequel, just as you are about to go fight the Final Battle, Dr. Mangusson states that if you pull this off, he might forgive you for that incident back at Black Mesa. "You know the one I mean, Involving a certain microwave-cassarole."

That's a Continuity Nod, not a Noodle Incident

Po8: Removed

Real Life
  • Well, sort of: There exists a band name The String Cheese Incident. To the best of my belief, no explanation ever given.

since it was a dup of an entry in Music.

Haven: On the Pokemon example: is it really a Noodle Incident if we see it and know what happened? I'm actually pretty sure that is the opposite of a noodle incident.

triassicranger: Pasting this here because as it turns out it's not an example of a Noodle Incident:

  • Similarly, Dewey is once admonished that he has to keep doing chores for a neighbor, "Until you can replace their canary." We never learn what happened to the first one.
    • There's a Malcolm in the Middle kid's book about said canary. Long story short: death by vacuum cleaner.

Also removing this:

Because the incident was explained in a story posted on the BBC's Doctor Who website.
Real Slim Shadowen: Ahem.

  • Futurama has Professor Farnsworth claim "You take one nap in a ditch at the park and they start declaring you this and that!", and this exchange:
    Morgan: Why is there yoghurt in this cap?
    Fry: Uh, I can explain that. See, it used to be milk and, well, time makes fools of us all!
    • Those are both self-explanatory.

Then why did you leave them in?

Would creative writing pieces found on the internet that technically aren't fanfiction per se be listed under fan works? Because my ego isn't going to let me walk away from this trope without at least alluding to something known as "The Pirogi Incident (Parts One, Two and Three)". All I'm going to say for now is, "It's always the quiet ones" sometimes rings all too true.

Removed the following from a Star Wars example, aside from being a bad link a parsec is defined as the length of the adjacent side of a right triangle whose opposite side is 1 AU and whose small angle is one arcsecond (1/60th of a degree). For those curious, it is equal to approximately 3.25 lightyears or 200,000 AU.