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Working Title: Nightmare Fetishist: From YKTTW

See also the Discarded YKTTW Only Happy When It Rains.

Icalasari: I added voreaphilia as a real life example. Hope it is ok. After all, being eaten alive is usually most peoples worst nightmare

Nybbler: I changed "only entertains cases that are Nightmare Fuel" in the House example, as House isn't that bad. He only takes cases which are _interesting_; they aren't all Nightmare Fuel though many are.

J Chance: Not sure why the Truth in Television examples were removed...perhaps they should be restored on a Troper Tales page?

...and done.

Curio: Changed the Laconic entry to something shorter. Change it back if it's not clear enough.

Scuzgob: if the title is a Working Title, can I suggest one?