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Meocross: i lol'd. hard. at the Yakate Japan bread drugging quote.

Citizen: I decided to have some fun with its namesake. Have at it.

Lale: This sounds just like that mock epic poem we read in a different English class every year, The Rape of the Lock.

Citizen: Bah. Death Note has epic scenes, but they don't carry over so well as a still frame...

Haphazard: There needs to be an inverse of this. Like, "what do you mean it's awesome?" as in a spectacular event that's treated as normal happenings.

YYZ: We have that. It's called Somebody Else's Problem and Unusually Uninteresting Event.

Crapface: This might be narm sometimes.

Ununnilium: That's true, in really bad cases, it can fall into Narm territory.
Kat Kit: Re: Yakitate - well, he /did/ make one bread almost entirely from cannabis derivatives...
Citizen: Oh wow, I thought the starter eps of Death Note had epic moments, but they don't even come close to the incredible awesomeness of that scene in episode 31. Not a spoiler, so click the linked gif in the first example... ^^ Too bad it's 500KB.

Harpie Siren: That is the strangest thing I've ever seen! O_o
Kilyle: Does this count, perhaps as a subversion or lampshade hanging? In Girl Genius, recently, Agatha makes a coffee machine. A man tries a cup. He takes a tiny sip and there's a giant splash page, an awesome symphony of color. He proceeds to explain in minute detail how the coffee is the perfect combination of everything that makes coffee what it is. And how it reveals the mathematical perfection of the cup itself. "And this! This is the perfect saucer!" (Turns out the coffee works kinda like a drug.)

Noaqiyeum: Well... Not a drug, per se, any more than caffeine is. It's just that Vanamonde is pretty much the ultimate coffee lover and drinking the 'perfect cup' blows his mind. The sequence starts at I think it counts as a subversion. Actually, there's a (strikingly similar) scene in Ratatouille that might fit under this, as well...

Medinoc: Ah-HA! So I wasn't the sole person to see a parallel between Ratatouille 's Anton Ego scene and Girl Genius 's coffee scene!

Dunno where to add this, but: Monty Python's "The Adventures of Ralph Mellish. It's done ENTIRELY in this style.
How about [[Xena]]? Swoosh sound effects every time she'd swing a sword, any weapon, her hair, her head, a glance...
Lime: Would someone please fix the title?