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Kids' Show Age Paradox launched as Most Writers Are Adults: From YKTTW

Working Title: Adult Kids: From YKTTW

Known Unknown: ....... Hmm... this isn't exactly what I had in mind when I YKTTW'd this trope, my trope was more about kids involved in adult plots, rather than kids acting like adults, which is more what this is about. I'm considering rewriting it, but I'll wait for some discussion first.

Zeta: You can always launch that as a separate trope if it warrants splitting.

Known Unknown: This is now incredibly close to being Wise Beyond Their Years, if not The Same But Worded Differently, which I was trying to avoid, and which is why I'm planning on rewriting this by the end of the week. That's probably going to come up eventually, and it really is extremely similar, which is a shame.

Antheia: This is definitely Wise Beyond Their Years rather than this trope, so I pulled it from the trope description:

Can be Truth in Television, not just because the spread of developmental rates means that some children will naturally mature faster than others, but also because children may be forced to mature during unusual circumstances. Children who suffer extreme poverty or live in war zones or have lost parents may have to accept a level of responsibility much greater than a child their age usually would in order to survive. Especially if they have to look out for younger children. In some examples this may be a justification for children in the media acting older than you would expect.

Paladineer: I kind of resent the way this trope is written. I could speak in full sentences and form complex ideas at age 2, and honestly agree with Orson Scott Card's assessment of the way children act. Any thoughts on this subject?