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Large Blunt Object: Deleted a bunch of shit, especially real world examples. If you're going to consider a helicopter gunship a "mashup machine" for being a helicopter with weapons, you may as well consider a soldier a "mashup" for being a human with a gun. We also had the Star Wars, Trek and Blackhawk examples twice for sme reason...

Silent Hunter: Surely the Russian stuff counts, though. The Admiral Kuznetsov, for example.
Silent Hunter: Where do ekranoplans go?
Silent Hunter: Suggest we move all the Space Battleship Carrier stuff to The Battlestar.
Okay. Is a modern tracked IFV a "mashup machine?" It has the mobility and armor, and the weaponry, of a light tank. Some designs are amphibious and be able to cross rivers and lakes. Some carry heavy antitank missiles like a tank destroyer. And it carries a squad of infantrymen too.
  • I suppose it could be considered as such, although probably not a big one given that it's up against things like flying submarines

Is a Russian Mi-24 Hind gunship a "mashup machine?" It's a heavily armored helicopter gunship with automatic cannon, rocket launchers, and tank-killer laser guided missiles, and it carries a squad of infantrymen too.
  • Quite possibly, although it was probably a better transport helicopter than the UH-1N was an attack helicopter.

Is a "Predator" drone a "mashup machine?" It's a stealthy robotic recon aircraft that can also carry out very precise airstrikes.
  • Slightly maybe, but not much, because with a top speed of 135 mph, the missiles and pylons are not likely to induce a whole lot of drag.

Is a transforming mecha a "mashup machine?"
  • Certainly is.

I'm not heckling, I'm not trying to be a wiseguy. I'm just trying to get a handle on what we mean when we use this term. Thanks.