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Looney Toons: It doesn't belong on the main page, but the recent entry

  • More Truth In Television: This editor was having a conversation with a housemate, who offered "I like my women like I like my carrots..." very long pause " a plastic bag from a supermarket!" He was very drunk.

reminded me of this passage from a Neon Genesis Evangelion Fan Fic:

"Okay," Ritsuko said, turning around. "MAGI! Coffee, black, twelve sugars!" There was a whir, the sound of gears grinding and engines thrumming, and soon a little trapdoor on the workstation opened and a paper cup filled with coffee ascended from the depths of the MAGI's operating system.

"Neat," commented Shinji.

"Technology of God in action," agreed Ritsuko, sipping her coffee. "Ah. I like my coffee like I like my men."

"What... hot, strong and sweet?" Misato winked knowingly.

Ritsuko frowned. "No. Ground into powder and liquefied."

"Oh," Misato said carefully.
Evangelion Unplugged, Chapter 1, by Renegade

Looney Toons: Okay, the extended sequence of "how I like my coffee" examples has convinced me to put the above in the main text now.

Kilyle: Okay, last I recall, "to comprise" is equivalent to "to be composed of"... so "This trope comprises Zero Punctuation's something something" means...... probably not what the original poster meant. Someone correct it?

Looney Toons: Actually, "to comprise" is the opposite — it means "to make up in part or in whole something else". So if X comprises Y, that means Y is composed of X at least in part.
Whitewings: I'm not so sure Asuka's "Wall of Jericho" metaphor really qualifies: Bringing the wall down took a major miracle, after all.
Darmok: Is the first Buffy example actually a case of this trope at all? It seems to be a straight up metaphor.
Vijeno: What do you do with witches? - Burn them! - And what do you burn apart from witches? ... (Not sure if this is an example of this, thus I didn't put it on the page yet.)