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I moved this down on the catalogue main listing because I think people will want to sample the fun stuff in tropes & idioms before thinking about theory. The category surely belongs in the wiki. I just hope to keep the "accessibility" high. — Weremonkey Gus
Fast Eddie: I put in a clarifying remark in the header of this. Behind that remark, I suggest we find new homes for: ... but will hold off a while for discussion. Also, a title change to Meta Tropes might clear things up, a bit.

Robert: Some of these are already in other indexes.

Fast Eddie: On further thought, I think it will be simpler to pull out the Trope Tropes from this list, along with the header text, and leave the other things here.

Sci Vo: Moved this to Fan-Speak: ...because that's just a concept about media, not a concept about concepts about media.
Spectrum: I don't understand what this category is about at all. I request a better explanation.