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Working Title: Memetic Rapist: From YKTTW

Taelor: Um, is there a reason The Avatar example got deleted. Azula at least is widely believed to be a rapist by the fandom, despite almost no evidence.

JET 73 L: How is Quagmire from Family Guy at Memetic Sex God but not here? The only times I recall ever hearing about him canonically having sex was with a woman ten years pregnant and what was implied to be a series of hookers on a road trip. Heck, his character sheet says that his favorite drink to buy for women is "Roofie Coloadas"!

Loser Gamer Britt: Okay, guys? Can we quit with the whole picture thing?

Seikai: Errr... I agree. This is starting to get really annoying -_-. Maybe someone can find a different picture that everyone can agree with? Either that or just decide between these two and quit having this edit war.
  • Also, Handbanana's legit. Might as well remove Diva and Pyramid Head, who are rapists.
  • Loser Gamer Britt: I'd keep Pyramid Head, as even though he's a rapist in canon the fandom has exaggerated that trait enough to the point where he's a Memetic Sex God who goes after Anything That Moves; not sure if the same is the case with Diva, since I'm not in the Blood+ fandom. Also, using a different picture entirely sounds like a good idea (if the person who keeps changing the Haruhi picture doesn't change it too, anyway). How about Damon Gant?
  • I explained the Diva thing a bit more, and there's also Jesus Quintana, who is a sex offender, though it's more on the level of joking (as with Handbanana). In any case, Haruhi also counts. -Dick Richardson

Xevon: Looking at the page history, there's really only person that wants the Handbanana picture enough to keep changing it, and it's Dick Richardson. It seems that this is just him being stubborn.

Ace Of Scarabs: Yuyuko is hungry for more than food. How about it?

Peteman: Shall we put Tarantulus from Beast Wars, with a creepy Vore fetish?

Loser Gamer Britt: Gee, thanks to that edit war over the image we don't have one anymore. Way to go. (Well, at least it solves the problem.)

TheWeasel027: For the pic, can I nominate The Burger King? I mean, just look at him. Plus, should Candle Jack be an example? Think about it, he steals away anyone who says his name. And they're never seen agai

Peteman: Should we put Spoony? Or the fact that his Spooning personality really is a rapist played for comedy?

Mullon: Anyone else think this page needs an Image Links section?