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Mask Of Power launched as Mask Of Power Discussion: From YKTTW

Some Sort Of Troper: It's probably so scant it may not be much to save but note that Mask Power is like Boobs of Steel- it's a case of correlation without any necessary causation- those with masks tend to be those who can kick arse- it could have been called Badass Mask like Badass Longcoat. This trope is a magic mask that gives you power. Hold on cutting until I have put a YKTTW through and we see how it pans out. The description is simple and maybe there are other examples.

See, the people love it.

Madrugada: Yeah, this is not the same as Mask Power, so let's let it run in YKTTW for a while. It is getting a decent response there.

Some Sort Of Troper: Oh come on. This page has about 12-15 examples now, has a really obvious and objective distinction from Mask Power that you can get from the first line. Why is it still on the cut list?

Madrugada: Because things aren't removed from the cutlist. The request to cut may (and in this case I hope, will) be declined, but the cutlist itself isn't edited.

Some Sort Of Troper: Yes. Why, after a batch of other proposals were put through and moved to the Recent Cuts list, is this one still on the waiting list, when it appears to be the easiest case of the batch?

Madrugada: Because there are four Cutmasters, they work differently, at least one skipped over this one when cutting, probably because of your own request upthread to not act on it, and none of them have been back through the list since then. The fact that it's still on the cutlist doesn't mean it's going to be cut. Relax.

Some Sort Of Troper: It seems I shouldn't have relaxed.