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Space Drake: I've gone ahead and removed the "Sakura Taisen" entry and all of the related sub-entries (including the ones I added!); after some thought, that's really more a case of Sequel First (or in this case, "Adaptation First") than it is a case of Marthing. Marth Debuted in "Smash Bros." is really meant to reflect those oddball situations where a character makes a debut in another country in a product that is in no way his own - like, well, Marth in Smash Bros! I'm quite sure we don't have all the examples here yet, so if you find any other examples feel free to add them!

Kalle: Wasn't 'Mars Lowell' how Marth's name was originally romanized in Japan?

Game Guru GG: Actually, that came from people assuming it translated to Mars. As far back as the Fire Emblem Trading Card game, his name has always been rendered as 'Marth' by Nintendo in English. The Lowell thing was likely made up for the Anime, much like the last name of Mario was made up for the Super Mario Bros shows and movies, which should be very obvious being the Mario Bros, but not stated outright in the video games themselves.

Blork: Removed this because while Samus (and Ness) never appeared in any other N64 games, this wasn't an import thing - there was no Metroid 64 anywhere. All the Metroid games up to that point had already been released worldwide.

  • A less ridiculous example- Samus's only appearance on the Nintendo 64 was in Super Smash Bros.

AnoSa: Somebody want to correct the 'beginning of popular religion' bit under Lit? I'd do it myself but I'm not sure just how to name the point of the spin-off. Besides, before the Christians, there were Samaritans...a spin-off which did not survive. Still, I'm pretty sure 'popular religion' predates Christianity. Aside from being a rather ill-defined term, saying Christianity was the first is ignoring Eastern religions...


  • KAM: I edited out the part about Justice League debuting in "Showcase because the Justice League actually debuted in The Brave And the Bold''.