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Kerrah: Removed the Diablo example for not being true. The fact that half of D2 takes place outside doesn't mean it's lighter. It's still dark, creepy, has a lot of blood and outright scary at parts. A perfect example is the part where you find the entire village of D1 slaughtered and/or zombified. How the hell is that Lighter and Softer?

later edit: Anyone claming Diablo I was dark should get their brain checked. Here is a screenshot: h ttp:// Dark? Hell no.
Mr Guy: Should we move this to Sugar Wiki?

R Taco: Naw, since this is more about a change in the tone of series rather than anything about it's actual quality.

Metal Shadow X: What about we add something called Lighter And Edgier? Something that isn't necessarily taking a dark tone, yet it still has racier material.

Master Hand: Okay, I'm tired of changing the picture (because it's goddamn funnier with it linked dammit), so can anyone find a picture that works better and won't make me need to keep deleting it? I think that maybe they'd leave me alone if we chose something else, so any suggestions?

Citizen: Then stop changing it. It is fine. We do not desperately need to find a replacement image. The decision is not yours alone to make; consider yourself in the wrong already and give up.

Master Hand: No, I gave up because it kept being changed. I would like something that works better. This? This is just a joke and not serious. That's not really how they're doing it. We need a better picture, something that actually demonstrates the trope and isn't just sarcasm.
Daibhid C: Pulled this:
  • Though, humorously, the animated Starfire shows more skin than her (older) comicbook counterpart.
Because, seriously, what? This is animated Starfire's costume. This is comic book Starfire's costume.
Some Guy: Put the image back. Anyone care to explain why it was removed in the first place? It's a picture of a cartoon version of Passion Of The Christ. I don't know how it's even physically possible for anyone to have a conflict about it.