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Ununnilium: Yoinking the Honor Harrington debate:
The problem is that virtually none of the tech is actually new, just existing tech used in new ways. Despite much of the tech having existed for some cases centuries before the series opens, and with space warfare being a fairly common, it seems like only the Manticorans bother trying new things, and even them starting just prior to the first novel.
  • Its worth pointing out that while most of the new technology is essentially using existing technology in new ways (generally explained as being possible by advances in miniaturization) the same is true in real life, there are very few huge advances with most new technologies being smaller, faster and better versions of existing ones.
  • Slightly more off-putting is that the books started out as a Recycled In Space retelling of English and French naval battles. The technology advances mirror actual advances in naval warfare, from cannons (missles) to aircraft (LACs) to cruise missles; all while "England" is still fighting "France". One wonders how the books will proceed now that Weber has run out of real technology to copy.
    • Weber is generally at least a little bit creative with his design concepts. Much of the tactics of the most recent books revolves around the fact that the long range "cruise missiles" mentioned above can be dumped out of the back of a ship in 'missile pods'. This allows you to predeploy a large number of missiles and fire them all at once. Several major battles are decided by this tactic... which, to the best of this troper's knowledge, has no parallel in real life. He copies from real life, certainly, but he is quite capable of putting his own twist on it.


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