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Trouser Wearing Barbarian: Does the Lady Drunk always have to be female and over 40? Because when I was making a page for The Boys in the Band earlier I realized that Michael fits this trope pretty closely. (We really ought to have a broader "Mean Drunk" Super Trope.)

I agree that this trope has been defined a bit narrowly. Back in the Thirties apparently Lady Drunk was an exceptionally popular character, except that she tended to be a cheery, though cynical, old battle-axe and usually a Deadpan Snarker — in those days it would probably be called a "Marie Dressler" part. (Off the top of my head I can think of a Lady Drunk of this variety in Dinner at Eight and The Women, but doubtless research would bring up many more examples.) They are by no means all bitter characters.

Great Limmick: Removed this one from the main article, preserved here for the pun.
  • Ellen Tigh in Battlestar Galactica is not only Lady Drunk, her very presence has the magical effect of making her husband Saul Lord Drunk as well—not so good when he's the XO...