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Fast Eddie: Cut the hotlinked image. Please see Administrative Policy. Also, "Captain Carrot" as an example, since there is no indication of who he might be.

Deux Hero:Wonder how long it takes for an embarressed Bethesda Fanboy to take the quote down and scream up and down he didn't say it, or that it is out of context. I say 5 days top.
  • Deuxhero:I have noticed that Medieval European Fantasy lack a page quote, I'm going to move the quote there, as there are countless ones that could work here.

Goldfritha: Cutting this for inaccuracy. The nobles were, in fact, knights. They — and kings! — fought and died in battle throughout the age of chivalry.
  • Ironically, the actual codes of chivalry weren't created out of virtue or rightousness like many would believe..They were created because the do-nothing nobles incharge wanted to keep the knights in line by making up a code of behavior on how knights shouldn't pillage or plunder or "kill the nobles"......Since most early knights were actually testosterone-filled sword-swinging pricks who would have been content with plundering and pillaging Europe like the vikings it's arguably justifiable

Goldfritha: Cutting this for the same reason. Jeesh, can't you avoid the major bloopers?