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  • YKTTW Discussion lumped with this trope.

Morgan Wick: Actually the debate ended in a decision to lump with an existing article with this title, so it should have been launched to the discard pile. At any rate it seems like the launcher can be tough to work...

Seth: I thought that a lump sent the YKTTW to the page it is lumped with for reference. (And ammo if a split is later required)

Paul A: No, because then it says "This is discussion from YKTTW leading up to creation of Kissing Under The Influence.", which isn't true. The correct thing, I think, is to launch it to the discard pile and put a note with it there saying "discarded due to being lumped with Kissing Under the Influence" or something like that.

Seth: What if the note under the YKTTW mentions that it is a lump. As i edited in above?
Cambdoranononononono: Removed part of the Scrubs example because it refers to the same incident. Someone less lazy can try to integrate the two comments if they like. Contents were:
  • They also kissed later on, after JD took Carla out to try to convince her that Turk (who she thought was unfaithful) was trustworthy. While the drunken kiss proves to her that little mistakes can happen, the pendulum tilts the other way when Turk finds out.