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Seth: Should we rename this article High School Girls and place the series here or the other way round? Since a few scattered examples link to this page regaurding the series and ive only seen a few that link here for the trope id sugest the rename but im'm throwing this one up in the air.

Susan Davis: This article should emphatically not be renamed. If the series is notable enough to warrant an entry, High School Girls would work for it... but that is not a reasonable name for this trope, as we specifically mean *Japanese* high school girls, and not high school girls in general.

Seth Fair enough, this stays as is and HSG is for the series, ill make the entry tomorow.

"-That Japanese has such a compact, productive phrase for this image implies that it's an important archetype in the Japanese psyche, and this is borne out by how often sailor-suited school girls still appear in both manga and anime.-"
I read this exact turn of phrase in a Japanese glossary on the web a few years back, and it stuck with me then as a bit ... odd: it just doesn't seem particularly "compact and productive". Compare English "Catholic schoolgirl" (also a visual stereotype): same syllables, right down to the choice between slurring for 4 or giving full weight for 5. Not exactly the brain-twisting minimalism of wa or ki here, just saying. ;-)

Kilyle: Shouldn't we have at least one entry for Fruits Basket? I mean, every time I see this trope, I still see Shigure-san washing the table while singing "Joshi-kousei, Joshi-kousei, Joshi-kousei are coming to the house today!" (or some paraphrase thereof, haven't seen it in a while, but the visual is indelibly in my mind).

Andrusi: Removed Futari wa Pretty Cure and Yes! Precure 5 again—I'd already removed them pre-crash and nobody complained. Only Splash Star fits the trope, unless this is secretly "schoolgirls at all" or "schoolgirls in any kind of uniform" and nobody told me.

endlessnostalgia: Removed a redundant InuYasha entry, the one with the less words / information.

Kitsune Nine Tails: Re: The main text usage of "seifuku" and them being "out-of-style". Doesn't "seifuku" just mean a general school uniform? Is the first paragraph of this trope about school girls wearing any school uniforms in general or particularly sailor-style school uniforms? If the former, are they really going out-of-style in Japan these days? In which case, never mind :) (But I do think the text should be updated to reflect that the trope is about schoolgirls in ANY uniform). If the latter, I think the main text should be altered to reflect that the usage is more geared towards shows showing high school girls in sailor-style uniforms which are not as in-style as they once were (hence "seifuku" may not be the best term to use). Thanks!
  • Never mind, I'll just change the main text to use the term "seeraafuku" which is apparently the correct term for such outfits (according to at least). Thanks!