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Daibhid C:
  • He evidently couldn't get past Emma Frost dressing normal, and acting anything more nice than total bitch, so when the writers made her revert to what she was like before, he "rewarded" Emma by sticking her into Jean's place, including being Scott Summers's Love Interest, which started with them kissing over Jean's grave.

Three points:

1) Emma and Scott were involved before Jean's death.

2) The reason they kissed over Jean's grave was that a version of Jean from an alternate future where she'd been resurrected pushed them into it to stop the X-Men breaking up, leading to the horrible future she came from.

3) Do we know if Joey Q was actually involved in any decision-making here, or was just allowing Grant Morrison free reign?

Daibhid C: Never mind point 3; apparently there is evidence he was.

Oh and point 4) Emma didn't really go back to what she was like before, which was a villain.

Dragon Quest Z: 1. They weren't a couple before then. 2. So what? That's still BS to justify it. Jean could have done plenty of things, but like "One More Day", all the options magically were not considered. 4. Okay, it seems that needs to be adjusted, but putting her at the forefront of all the women who were more heroic than her on that team smacks of major Double Standard.
priopraxis:I have a proposal. The page "Joe Quesada" and related pages, along with all references on other pages to this unpage about this unperson should be vaporized.

triassicranger: Why?

Count Dorku: priopraxis, deleting this page will not undo One More Day. Just wait until someone else is in charge and it goes from regular to premium unhappened.

theogrin: Added a link to his twitter, but please, seriously folks, don't troll it. The guy's put up with a lot already, and (again) please, remember Hanlon's Razor.

Rann: Riiight, because no one could have found his twitter to troll it if they wanted but for you adding it. And clearly we should think of poor, poor Joe's feelings as he shits on the comics we grew up with for his own sake and rolls in his piles of money for doing it. How lucky we here at TV Tropes are to have you to play Mommy for us and teach us to make friends with Joe, theogrin. I salute your condescending attempt at finger shaking and lickspittling!

Theogrin: I'm sorry for providing offense. T'wasn't my intention to provide or provoke flames. On the first part, I simply thought that folks might find it worthwhile to know what the current editor of Marvel was posting; for the latter part, I don't honestly know what I was thinking. I'll try to offer at least a hint more respect from now on.