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A character who acts like a dick all the time but helps out other people anyway(for a good cause, not themselves), despite their attitude.

removed Zuko and Toph because Zuko, as admirable/popular a character as he is, as proven in the Season 2 finale, doesn't have a heart of a gold, and Toph isn't and was never a jerk.

Yeah Zuko I was about to change (still you just know how its gonna turn out for him in the end, then again). Anyway, like it or not, Toph fits the category like a glove. Just watch the first, second, and third episodes she was in. Even now she's still the most painfully, bluntfully truthful and abrasive of the group. She's also sarcastic and arrogant. The thing is, she has a particular upbringing, redeeming qualities and character developement to make of for all that crap. Hence the trope. To sum it up, they didn't name her "Toph" for nothing.

Would Lina Inverse qualify, even though she only seems to do 'good' because it's convenient for her?

Jefepato: Eh, Lina does at least sort-of-good even when it's inconvenient. Notice that early on, she actively prevents Gourry (who is usually a better person than her) from attacking the possessed shopkeeper ("it's not his fault!"). I'm not sure she qualifies for this trope, though she does occasionally Pet the Dog.

Jefepato: The Haruhi example needs settling, I think. Spoileriffic arguments follow: she isn't amused by murders, but by murder mysteries. In fact, Kyon is able to identify the murder as a fake instantly because he knows that Haruhi wouldn't have wanted someone to actually die. As for the golems...well, that's a little less clear-cut, but in her mind she wasn't really watching the destruction of the world so much as the creation of a new one.

Dark Insanity 13: Does Naruto really qualify? He's never really mean, nor does he really act like a jerk unless he really doesn't trust or like certain people. And his mistrust is justified, as he grew up in an environment where he was hated and mistreated. Despite this, he does act friendly and nice towards people he doesn't know, particularly outsiders to the village. I won't remove him being mentioned, but I'm sure there's another character that fits the trope better in Naruto than the titular character.

Austin: On Supernatural

"He's also a better con-artist and liar than Dean"

Since when?

VAD: While I would say that he's probably a better liar (I mean, look at how long that demon blood secret lasted) than Dean, I've edited that part out and balanced the two out a bit. It was kind of "Poor woobie Dean"/"Sammy's such a meanie" before and hopefully it's better now.

What is people's opinion on Spider Jerusalem from Transmetropolitan? He varies wildly, sometimes being a genuine Jerk Ass, but more often being a Jerk With A Heart of Gold, it would seem.

Doesn't Severus Snape exemplify this trope perfectly? Shouldn't he be listed?

Laota: I think so. Maybe a heart of bronze, but yeah. With spoiler precautions, of course.

I thought Tony Stark was more of a Jerk with a Heart of Phlebotinum.

Removed Barbossa. He really, really, really doesn't count as one, as whether his actions say he's a jerk or has a heart of gold is a matter of perspective. Like many characters in this franchise, it's necessity — not personal feelings — that dictates the side Barbossa fights on.
Does anyone else think the part about Cloud's jerk persona being based on Zack when Zack isn't a jerk at all should be linked to Retcon? I thought it should be, but I didn't feel comfortable changing it because I haven't actually played either game, much to my chagrin.
Count Dorku: Would Beldin from The Belgariad count?
Ekron Dye: Someone replaced Kanji Tatsumi's picture and description with a f*cking train. Seriously how the hell is the train better? I'm not familiar with the Persona series but the description and picture where perfect for this trope.

Samurai Jerk: Cut the tantrum. The "f*cking train" you're whining about is much better known than your videogame character. Almost everyone grew up with the series the "f*cking train" is from and know that he makes a better poster boy for the trope.

Ekron Dye: So it's better to have a less qualified example if it's more well known?

Narvi: Not all of us come from the UK or America or wherever you know. I have no idea what that train is. In any case it's better to put in somebody who looks like a jerk, instead of a train. I say we put in Han Solo.

Royal Troll: Frankly, I don't see how Gordon is 'less qualified' for this trope than that random computer game character.

Nightraid I agree with Narvi in that not all of us are familiar with that train. Not all of us are familiar with Kanji either, but he certainly looks more like it and the description beneath his picture was a good example of this trope, at least in my opinion. I suggest we either restore Kanjiīs picture and description or provide a picture of someone else whoīs more widely known and looks more like and example of this trope. But whatever we do, letīs not start another edit war over it. I donīt want this page to get locked just because we canīt agree on the picture on top of the page.

Ekron Dye: I meant the train was less qualified as being on a high horse pales in comparison to beating up police in the jerk department giving it a much less severe contrast with the heart of gold. BTW, I'm good with the homer picture. A fine illustration of this trope it is. So good call to whoever put it up!