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What's the source of the claim that The X-Files and Doctor Who are in continuity? It doesn't appear on the linked page; was it edited out or something? —Document N

Looney Toons: It was in the list when I added that paragraph to the article some two years ago. Since Holbrook does update his lists as information becomes available, he probably discovered that an apparent crossover that drew Doctor Who into Group 2 was incorrect and revised accordingly. Or maybe he's decided not to include non-American shows. Either way, it's not there now, though used to be. I'll revise the text in the entry accordingly.

I think Ranma 1/2 should be mentioned on this since it has to be the most crossovered in fanfiction it has been crossovered with practically everything I've seen it crossed with Barney, Teletubies, Xena, Law and Order, Naruto, Three's company, Star Trek, Wheel of Time, Detective Conan, Dirty Pair, Spawn, X-men, Metroid, and hundreds of other series.

GG Crono:, what's the source of the quotation at the top of the page? Whoever composed that deserves a medal.

fleb: I think I remember someone coming up with it in YKTTW, but I have no idea in which one or by who. It probably has a Made Of Win Archive listing.

Looney Toons: One of the regulars at my discussion boards on came up with it, and I felt it was perfect for the article.

Allandrel: The whole idea of a crossover indicating shared continuity is highly problematic. Just because a character has appeared in two different series does NOT mean that they occupy the same continuity. Many, many characters exist in multiple distinct continuities, after all.

Doug S. Machina: Having recently got into Fanfic (Yeah, thanks, TV Tropes), if this troper gets off his arse and writes, there are plans to recast everything from Portal to Mission: Impossible, 24 to Independence Day with the Kim Possible cast.

Darmok: Removed "This is ridiculously common." entry from the Fan Fic section. It's already stated in the trope description, and it doesn't actuall cite a specific example.

SynjoDeonecros: Removed the Cold Case and Without a Trace examples, as they aren't examples of this trope; they and CSI are all part of the same Bruckheimer universe, so it would be more like Batman and Robin showing up in Superman's and the Green Lantern's comics.

Nohbody: Would one character in multiple completely separated universes count for this? I know I put the entry for it in the Wing Commander article, in regards to the "Warrior King" story done on USA Networks' Saturday morning cartoons (Street Fighter, Savage Dragon, Mortal Kombat: Defenders of the Realm, and Wing Commander Academy), in Nov 1996, but the more I think of it, the less I'm sure. The titular character was created solely for the story, and had no pre-existing basis in any of the shows. Given that USA Networks killed their cartoon line up at the end of the 1996 season, he's not shown up again, TTBOMK.