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IKEA Erotica launched as IKEA Erotica Discussion: From YKTTW

Working Title: IKEA Erotica: From YKTTW

I wanted to suggest naming this IK Erotic A or Erot IKEA on YKTTW but it had already been launched. —Air Hadoken

All I want to say here is "This made me laugh out loud." Literally, not in an "LOL" way. Good work.

Aww, you give us an example of how this can be used well without actually telling us the name of the fanfic it's from? D:

Red Shoe: For some reason, though this is not really related, I am reminded of one of the things I find strange about adoption: to get a child through adoption, you have to prove to social services that you are well-qualified to be a good parent, that you make enough money, that you don't have any cripling vices, or any socially unpopular lifestyles, or dangerous friends. To get a child through the traditional process, all you need to do is solve a fairly simple spacial relations puzzle.

Man Without A Body: I'm removing this Brokeback example because, although it may fail sex ed forever, it's acting, not writing. This is a writing trope. Also, there's too much natter.
  • Brokeback Mountain's (in)famous tent scene deserves more than mere honourable mention. Not only is there no foreplay or buildup to the sex, but anyone who has ever had anal can tell you that you can not just spit on yourself and jump in.
    • I clearly remember him giving the other guy a right-hook, that's Klingon foreplay right there.
    • That scene is hilarious if you happen to be watching the movie with subtitles. *grunt* *grunt* *spit*
    • The short story upon which the movie is based is even worse. Pretty much the whole thing reads like this.
    • Two things: 1) in that scene the whole point seems to be lack of foreplay or buildup. Later on in the movie sex gradually becomes more of an emotional, rather than physical, endeavour. Also, don't say "you can not just spit on yourself and jump in" unless you want a hundred tropers calling on this in a very TMI sort of way.
      • I have to chime in, technically you can just 'spit on yourself and jump in', it just tends to hurt a lot.

Amuro NT 1: Is it bad that I think I know who wrote that Gundam fanfic based entirely on the characters featured?