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Jethro Q Walrustitty:
  • When Johnny returns to the alternate present day in Johnny And The Bomb, he finds that he was never born because his grandmother died in the air raid Johnny and the gang accidently made worse by destroying the alarms. He meets his mother, who off course, doesn't recognize him.

Paul A: Seems to me this is "we've met, but not in this timeline", which is separate from "we've met, in this timeline, but it hasn't happened to you yet". (Or should it be lumped?)

Totz the Plaid:
  • This is screwed up by the fact that she recognized the TENTH Doctor who will be regenerating to the 11th Doctor before spending enough time with her and leaving her behind with his sonic screwdriver. The writers have opened a time loop for themselves and I'm not sure how they're going to close it!

Paul A: Isn't it a bit early to say how much time the Tenth Doctor has left? I mean, yes, we know he's going to regenerate at the end of the current season, but how do you know the next episode won't start with him casually flicking through his diary and realising that it's been fifty action-packed years since that business with the Cybermen in Victorian London, gosh how the time flies, and isn't it lucky that being a Time Lord he's hardly aged at all in that time?