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Sci Vo: Merged in Scotch Tape, as per Scotch Tape Discussion.
Mr Etaoin Shrdlu: It's way too established a trope now to change the title, but I recommend we include "Thank God We Invented The Whatever Device", a Shout-Out to Thank You for Smoking, as a redirect.
Kimiko Muffin: I'm gonna remove Harry Potter from the "monomyth" example, because in the story, there is a reason why it has to be Harry and no one else.

Po8: In addition, I'm sure I'm just being dense, but can someone please explicitly name the "monomyth" villains the original troper had in mind for "The Inheritance Trilogy, The Dark Is Rising, and to a lesser extent, the movie version of The Lord Of The Rings"?

...after a month or two of sitting and consideration, I deleted the following

and stuck in Beowulf as the first plausible example I could think of offhand. Anyone have a better one? Or is this whole example dead?
Revolos55: The explanation for the Farscape thing is actually that sitting in on governmental discussions while in suspended animation for 80 years was that they'd then have 80 years of governing experience while not aging. The pregnant thing is specific to that particular heir and not the norm. The handwave should probably be why they started doing that in the first place. Sebaceans have a dramatically longer lifespan that humans do, so they're not really that pressed for time.

Dok Enkephalin: A Handwave is just a Handwave. Sometimes the audience is Phlebotomized.