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Put Aside Childish Things launched as Growing Up Sucks: From YKTTW


Fanti Sci: Oops, sorry. My bad. That'll teach me to write entries in the wee hours of the morning. Stupid insomnia. Thanks, person who sorted it!

Ununnilium: You know, the Narnia one annoyed me the most. You can't just have fun adventures for their own sake, or even for the sake of the people you help along the way; it's all just part of becoming a good Christian. Of course, it annoyed me even more before I knew about the Christian subtext. (I never actually realized it on my own, and only found out when I came upon an online discussion of it.)

Lale: Well, there are no stories out there about adults going to a Magical Land, are there? Narnia at least has an explanation for that.

Hitchopottimus: Thomas Covenant is definitely an adult that goes to a Magical Land. So there is at least one story. (Of course, he does spend the whole time swearing he doesn't believe in any of it, so it still kind of works)
Lale: The Teen Titans example would be better under Love Hurts.

Ross N: Truth in Television indeed! Just reading this entry makes me feel sad. Probably unwise to have done so on my 26th birthday.

Fanti Sci: Aw, don't be sad! It's still possible to be an adult and have an optimistic outlook, after all. The main problem is while these shows are watched by bright-eyed, innocent (er...theoretically speaking...) youngsters, they're written by cynical adults. And if they had their dreams and idealism knocked out of them in their teens/twenties, then by-golly-gosh, no-one else, character or audience member, is allowed to stay cheerful and innocent into adulthood either. People just can't keep their angst to themselves... And on that note...Belated returns!
Seanette: Corrected character relationships in the discussion of Hook (Moira, Peter's wife, is Wendy's granddaughter. The original entry before I edited dropped a generation.)

Fanra: Someone put in that Puff the Magic Dragon has Jackie's son take Jackie's place as Puff's friend to give it a happy ending of renewal. Sorry, but that's not in the song, as nice as it would be to have it happen.

Akett: What, no Catcher in the Rye?