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Ununnilium: I gotta question Spongebob's inclusion here. It has the occasional gross close-up, but most of the humor is situational.

Aubri: Wouldn't Jackass be more an example of the "Sadist Show"?

Zeta: I also question the inclusion of 2 Stupid Dogs. Most of the characters drawn on that show were adorable.

Ununnilium: No, I definitely agree there. It wasn't as gross as some, but the various gags involving, for instance, the insides of people's stomachs...

Peteman: I would include Megababies on this list (if you've never heard of it, consider yourself lucky).

MC Tanuki: Spongebob is definitely based on the Ren & Stimpy model, though not as heavily gross-out as its progenitor. No reason it shouldn't have a nod.

High Five: Mega Babies makes me ashamed to be Canadian.