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BT The P: Grev, I'd say we have a few months left to wait before we can say whether the renewal of Kim Possible was "unfortunate" or not. *chuckle* I think this version of the edit reads beter.
Drop Dead Gorgias: Is there a trope for the comedy version of this? Where when a show ends and everybody moves away from the show's setting at the exact same time, which allows the characters to have the teary goodbyes that everyone wants? Also, everyone gets nicely paired off (except Joey, who has to move to LA for more hi-jinks!). Obviously seen on Friends,, The Mary Tyler Moore Show, Cheers. Avoided by Seinfeld of course.

Devil's Advocate: I don't think Cheers fits. Rebecca runs off and gets married in the finale, but everyone else is pretty much still around at the bar, IIRC. Woody was married well before the finale and was still working at the bar. Frasier went off to Seattle shortly afterwards, of course, but I don't think that was mentioned in the Cheers finale itself.

Devil's Advocate: Moving the comments from the entry on Babylon 5 "Sleeping in Light" here, because they're not really relevant to the entry:

(Although the episode broadcast is rumored not to have been the "real" final episode as originally planned by J Michael Straczynski...)

It's widely believed that what JMS had originally planned for the series finale was adapted into the two-parter "War Without End," which would indeed have been a fitting Grand Finale had Commander Sinclair stayed in the lead role throughout the series. — Devils Advocate

Should "Countdown to Destruction" from Power Rangers be included? It ended the six-season arc and pretty much permanently changed Power Rangers...but the series didn't actually end.

Ununnilium: Yes, since it ended that incarnation.

Nerem: To be fair to the Big O, they were only 2/3rd through the story when the show was cancelled and they were told to give it a Grand Finale no matter what so the show couldn't be revived. Jealous execs are cruel beasts...

Caswin: Reverting the Star Trek: Voyager example. It did more than just bring them home and nothing else (they dealt the Borg a devastating blow, for one) and besides that, the claim about the last quote of the series is inaccurate.

Do Know Butchie: Deleted the Gargoyles entry, since, kiss aside, none of the changes that occur indicade that the series ended for good, and the f**kload of plans Weisman had for it indicate that he did indeed intend the series to go on.

M84: This isn't a comment on any specific entry per se, but what does everyone here think constitutes a good Grand Finale? What sort of elements need to be included in the final entry of a series in any medium to make it a perfect ending? And is there really such a thing as perfect ending in the first place? If this isn't the right place to ask these sort of questions, that's fine.