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12:18:21 AM Mar 28th 2011
Metal Gear Solid 4 serves as the ultimate conclusion of over ten years of Metal Gear lore (twenty if one counts the early MSX 2 games as well). Of course, while there has been at least one new game in the series released since MGS 4, and another is currently scheduled, both are prequels.

That should be taken down as it is a complete and utter lie. Metal Gear Solid 4 ignores to much of the past story to qualify as finale.
12:26:25 AM Mar 28th 2011
07:50:49 AM Mar 28th 2011
Are you high? Metal Gear Solid 4 consists entirely of discussing, resolving, or nodding to the entire Metal Gear franchise.
04:49:23 AM Nov 24th 2010
Where is MASH? It is the epitome of the grand finale, resolving all story lines and becoming America's most viewed TV episode for the next 30 years. Still is if you don't count those silly 'foot'ball games.
05:17:31 PM Oct 4th 2010
M84: This isn't a comment on any specific entry per se, but what does everyone here think constitutes a good Grand Finale? What sort of elements need to be included in the final entry of a series in any medium to make it a perfect ending? And is there really such a thing as perfect ending in the first place? If this isn't the right place to ask these sort of questions, that's fine.

"The Good end happily, the Bad end unhappily. That is the meaning of Fiction" from the Importance Of Being Earnest.
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