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liv: 'Kay, so, maybe I'm a wee bit tired of seeing Neon Genesis Evangelion as the Most Triumphant Example of bloody everything on this wiki, but why is Rei's picture on this trope's page? It wasn't even in the story. Forgive the italics abuse. Replaced that picture with River Tam, a well-known and actual in-universe example.

Citizen: I don't have any boxes on hand, but here's a loli in a bag.◊ =P

Grev: Would Naked River in a Box from Firefly be too risque?

  • Unknown Troper: Viv, why do you keep changing the image back? It's worth noting that the NGE image is not canon and hell, the text for the image says as much.

Anticitizen Two: Can I please just say that I am very happy that somebody else noticed how frequently this happens?

The reason for this trope is simple. There's just something appealing to nerds about finding a mysterious girl with magical powers in a box whom they are now forever tied to and who may be their future Magical Girlfriend. They don't have to go out and introduce themselves to anybody and risk rejection. Just crack open a case and there she is.

Joeyjojo: Armchair Psychology a bit?