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Cyn Wakefield: Regarding the Buffy example, just to make sure nobody "corrects" the list of male spellcasters.
  • Giles: uses extensive magic in season 1 against Catherine Madison.
  • Angel: conjures the Living Flame in season 3.
  • Xander: summons Sweet in season 6.


Atz: Removed the following:

"Played to some degree in The Elder Scrolls, where different genders have different starting stats. Male Argonians, for example, are better at spear than female Argonians, who are in turn better at magic."

It's not an example because although characters receive different bonuses to their starting stats based on gender, there are no abilities which are actually restricted depending on your sex - male Argonians aren't as good at magic, but they can still use it. Plus, it's possible to overcome the initial stat difference completely with a bit of training.


Haven: Took this one out; it was questionable to begin with, and then the natter got ridiculous ("above troper: Pan is half-saiyan"? Hey, remember that thing about wikis where you can edit them?). If you want to put it back in, it should probably read as "Epileptic Trees, which have since been Jossed, in Dragonball Z and GT suggest that Super-Saiyan ability is limited to males, since Pan and Bra never use it. The real reason is because the author can't decide how they'd look." Which, well, such a non-example that I'm just gonna leave it here.

  • It's often speculated among Dragonball Z/GT fans that the ability to go SS is Y-chromosome linked, which is why Pan and Bra never do, even though it should be dead easy for them otherwise.
    • Another explanation, said to be the Word of God, it that said god can't decide how they would look in SS form.
    • Truly,it is never stated that females cannot go Super Saiyan, and there is NO evidence to prove that they can't.
    • The author said they can, though Bra will probably never have any interest in doing so.
      • It could be argued that because they are both only one-quarter Saiyan, they lack the proper potency to achieve the Super Saiyan level. This theory is somewhat disputed by the parting shot of questionable canonity in the final episode, which shows both Goku's and Vegeta's many-times-removed descendants becoming Super Sayians at a young age with little effort.
      • (Above troper: Bra is half-saiyan)