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Bluetooth The Pirate: The first line of this used to refer to the "stock" being turned outwards. The stock is the part of a longarm that rests agains the shooter's shoulder. Only a few pistols have them, and they're removable. The bottom of a pistol's grip is often referred to as the "butt", as is the end of a rifle's stock (which is often called a "buttstock"). This probably would cause confusion, so I changed this to a more technically accurate description.

I just now noticed it was Silent Hunter that wrote that. Is calling the bottom of a pistol's grip the stock a British usage I was unaware of?

Silent Hunter: No, it's a mistake on my part.

Just Another Voice From The Peanut Gallery: At least one manufacturer of custom and semi-custom grip panels for handguns calls their product "stocks" rather than "grips." Hogue is the name of the company, I believe.

Seth: What comic is that gangster image from?

Ununnilium: Gen13, an Image comic.

Mister Six: Does that mean the dude in the mask is actually supposed to be Grifter? And can we put that image in the actual article, maybe shifting the text underneath? Pretty please?

Ununnilium: I believe so, and I have no problem with it. ``

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly example - is it really correct?

Phartman: Yep, Tuco holds it sideways when he delivers the Coup de Grāce to the one-armed goon. I have nothing to gain by making that up. Go back and watch it again.
Mister Six: Moved The Punisher quote into examples, because it's even cooler when you know the set-up and conclusion to that scene.

Phartman: Cool quote, cooler scenario. Nice.

And, um, it was also nice of that guy to categorize the examples, but did he know that Star Trek: Generations was a movie, not a TV show? Better change that.

Chazzers: I don't see why holding a pistol sideways would negate the sight, as stated in the Punisher example. Can anyone comment whether this is true?

BT The P: Chicken and egg: holding it sideways doesn't negate the sight, but since the gun will be unbalanced and wild from recoil, it makes for lousy shooting anyway. It was just Frank's way of saying "this end up, dipshit".
Kersey475: I can see one practical use of combining Guns Akimbo with Gangsta Style as shown in "Training Day" and "A Low Down Dirty Shame". Pistols usually eject their empty shells to the right and it would be pretty annoying to have the shells from your left hand constantly hitting your right hand. To make up for this the gun in your right hand would be held right side up while the gun in your left hand would be held Gangsta Style so the empty shells will go straight down rather than hitting your other hand.
Wulf What happened to the old page image from whatever comic it was? It fit the trope so much better than the current one...

Midonin: While I don't know what comic that image was from, swapped Ryutaros for it since you're right - it fits the article much better. Just had to resize it to fit within TVT standards. Just searched through the page history - it was still in the image database.
Wardog I once found some video/photos of some conflict in Africa between two militia groups. Some of whome where firing A K47s gangsta style. Another was holding his AK 47 above his head (horizontally) to fire it...