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Kilyle: Change appearance of player characters and mobs? I wondered if this could be done. But I don't play FF Online. I was vaguely hoping that someday I could see a mod for World of Warcraft that would make all the players look like they came from Star Trek (or Star Gate), but that's a pipe dream, really....

Pikawil: That can be done. Just look at Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas (which allows you to change the models for CJ, NP Cs and peds with custom models from the Intrawebz; hell, there's even some user scripts to switch your player character on the fly).
It might be good to split this into different categories of mods - ones that basically tweak or add content to an existing game, versus ones that basically replace it with a new (even if usually shorter) game with its own storyline. Right now the mention of Eternal at Marathon makes it sound like the first, when it's the second. I'm not sure what the split pages would be called, though. —Document N

Diamondragon:Kaspersky detected a Trojan (Trojan-Downloader.JS.Agent.ewo) when I clicked on the Stack Smash link, so I took that line right out.