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03:14:42 PM Oct 1st 2017
Currently, the introduction says "However, some types of mods are discouraged, or even cracked down on, for good reason: a mod in the hands of a player but not their opponent usually means an unfair advantage."

How is that possible? Wouldn't installing a mod apply it equally to all players (unless it's specifically built to be customisable player-by-player)?
07:36:31 AM Apr 20th 2015
edited by TokoWH
Question: Is it against Wiki policy to link to ROM Hacks that already have pre-patched ROM downloads? Like, if the ROM is vastly different than base game the hack is for, pretty much editing it from the ground up, would it still go against Wiki policy of linking to video game ROMs?
08:10:06 AM Apr 20th 2015
If the linked material is legal, it's OK to link.
12:56:29 PM Mar 27th 2014
The Minecraft examples section is criminally inadequate. There are tens of thousands of mods for Minecraft, many of which are extremely well made and expansive enough to be counted as a separate game. From perfectly simulating technological progress (Industrial Craft) to creating incredible magical devices (Thaumcraft) and spells (Ars Magica), to integrating an in-game computer (Computer Craft computers runs on its own processing thread, is fully programmable using Lua, and can have programs do almost anything. You can even design your own operating systems for it.). I firmly believe that modded Minecraft packs like FTB are different and unique enough to deserve their own page. At the very least, please reflect this in the examples section.
12:48:48 AM Aug 30th 2014
You're goddamn right, Bob. I plan to make a subpage of the Minecraft article dedicated to game mods. I'd also like to make huge folders for Tekkit, FTB, and such.
04:47:41 PM Mar 3rd 2012
This quote regarding Donner Party: Folie a Dix was too long and rambling to keep on the main page, but preserved for posterity here:

  • As one team member put it:
    "I'm still amazed at how well everything has turned out, not only in the game itself but also in terms of group interplay. This sort of thing just doesn't happen very often, anywhere. Try organizing a round-robin project on and you'll summon enough flames to melt half of Siberia. ACMLM & Zophar? Forget it! Even the vaunted translation ‘studios’ rarely turn out anything memorable. What was the last group-effort hack you played? Or can name off the top of your head? See what I mean?!? Not to mention the fact that most of the Donner Party staff are self-proclaimed novices at ROM Hacking. Despite being given a game that few Americans know about, with absolutely no data documentation or available hacking utilities and one team member vanishing completely, [we] all ponied up and made this thing happen in under a year. I know we're all waiting for the I-Mockery review, but I'm also looking 5-10 years down the line. Whoever is writing the History of our craft at that point is going to have to take a second look at this raunchy... THING cobbled together by ten psychopaths in the early thralls of the decade. A handful of n00bs on a one-trick-pony "joke" of a forum threw nigger-beating, transhuman sex changes, 50-inch erections, vintage Atari pr0n, celebrity worship, Wilford Brimley, anal cavity escapades, titan semen mining and fried chicken together and came up with a damned enjoyable game. It shouldn't have been possible, and yet it exists..."
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