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Working Title: G-Rated Sex: From YKTTW

Didn't include the "In Simlife, you'll hear an "Ooh-la-la" if two animals mate." example from YKTTW because I wasn't sure if it fit. Does anyone more familiar with the game want to rephrase and add it?

Insanity Prelude: Whoever added the Creatures example, you are awesome and the bit about them making out until they starve is so true. XD ah, nostalgia.

Nate the Great: I question the response to the Q example. There's no proof one way or the other. Q seemed to imply that mating with "lesser" lifeforms required assuming their shape, but the Rogers' were both Qs, so who knows?

Arekuru: Removed the Star Wars example because it didn't fit the trope. While the scene is not shown, it is definitely implied that Anakin and Padme had sex, not a watered-down substitute thereof. You're thinking of the Sexy Discretion Shot.

Removed Hey Arnold example because innuendo is not a subversion of the trope, it's another thing altogether.