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Ununnilium: Hey! I liked "Your hair... it's so... flippy!" and "This breeze is very refreshing." >,>

Andrusi: Removed Asatte no Houkou. Its premise is, at best, a distant cousin to this plot: two characters are changed to approximately each others' ages. Be Careful What You Wish For, arguably Swapped Roles, but none of the trappings specific to Freaky Friday.

((Were Josh Peck Prince)): If you could have a Freaky Friday, who would you switch with? I'd go with Jay Leno.

Mars Dragon: Took out the line about the daughter talking to herself in her body in the novel Freaky Friday. She was actually talking to her mother pretending to be her in that scene, as is revealed at the end of the novel.

Daibhid C: The Red Dwarf example says Lister-in-Rimmer's-body was voiced by Chris Barrie doing a Liverpudlian accent. That's not how it sounds to me; Barrie does Lister's accent in "Queeg" and it's very good, but this is spot on. And I can maybe believe Charles (who unlike Barrie is not a professional impressionist) can do a perfect Rimmer voice, but clearly the woman-officer's voice is dubbed, so it's likely the rest was as well.

puritybrown: Removing:

because a) if I see "to be fair" in one more trope page I'm going to have a nervous breakdown; b) I'm pretty sure it's not actually true, and who in the world has seen enough TV/read enough books/watched enough movies to be able to say whether or not it's true?; c) so what? "This happens a lot" is not an example; "this happens in [show]" is an example.