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Working Title: The Iago: From YKTTW

Nornagest: Character Named Tropes aside, "The Iago" is a vastly better name than this abortion.

Wizard Joni: For the Evulz is a perfect name.

Citizen: I don't know who the heck "Iago" is supposed to be. That would have been a terrible choice of title. This title is good.

Smokie: I can't believe this wasn't named For the Lulz. Geniuses.. RAGE!

Wizard Joni: It just means we can use For The Lulz later.
Luc: I'm thinking that one of the quotes needs to go; given that the Dark Knight quote is so overused, I'd say that one. But I'm not going to do it, as I have the conflict of interest of adding the "When You're Evil" quote (which if it gets removed, needs to go on the quotes wiki).

Reading Champion:The Dark Knight quote, which may or not fit The Joker in that movie, describes the Trope perfectly.
Isn't this just Card-Carrying Villain?

Reading Champion: The difference is that a Card-Carrying Villain is a character that acts like he does because he understands that he is the villain. This character acts like he does because he thinks that it is extremely funny. Or it brings him pleasure.

Somfin: Or no reason at all. One of the other titles is Motiveless Malignity, after all.

Reading Champion: So, a Card-Carrying Villain acts the way he does because he is the Villain, A For the Evulz character beomes the Villain because for what he does. Or something.

  • Nakago of Fushigi Yuugi, having had a legitimately horrific childhood, wants to become a god so he can take revenge on existence itself.

I removed the above since it's not an example. (Nakago's more of a Woobie, Destroyer of Worlds, although probably nastier than most...)