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Lawyerdude: I'm thinking that this trope should be limited to instances where the character knows that he's about to kick the bucket, so the final words they say are important. Simply including last lines shouldn't count. Tarkin, for example, had no idea he was going to die when he said "I think you overestimate their chances." Vader, of course, did when he said "Tell your sister you were right." The point of famous last words is to get something said when you soon won't be able to say anything else.
  • Except that Tarkin's words are ironic, along the lines of "I think it's safe now" and such.

Removing the 'Ello, beastie line since that's really more of a "Facing the Bullets" One-Liner
Janitor: Someone help me here. How can a famous last line be a spoiler?

Geoduck: It doesn't matter how famous something is, there's someone who hasn't heard of it. Better safe than sorry.

Quartermain I do think Janitor has a point though. There has to be some sort of statute of limitations on spoilers. Is there realistically going to be someone who is going to be both unaware of and pissed off at the reveal that Darth Vader is Luke's father? Even more so when it's a famous person's last words.

Westrim Removing all spoiler tags. If you can't figure out that a page called Famous Last Words will have spoilers, you may need help. A few tags on a page is fine, but when nearly every single entry has them it's an eyesore and a pain trying to read through the palette swap of the highlighter.

Crowley: I would really rather have the spoiler tags to stay; just think of it as a Just for Fun thing like Better Than It Sounds, if you don't get why.

Wulf: Not sure how old this discussion is, but I'd rather the character who says it stay tagged. It's sort of a game like Better Than It Sounds, trying to guess which character from a show or game you know said what. The ones within the lines could probably be taken off, though.
Grimace: Uhh...where did Live-Action TV go? And why is "Anime" and "Film" non-folderised? My world is upside down! (Seriously though, I looked at the edit history and it makes no sense to me)

Xelloss08: The Video Games section has also disappeared.
Edit: Okay, Live-Action TV is now back, but Video Games is still missing.

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