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Tzintzuntzan: Isn't this exactly the same as the first half of Feet of Clay? Both entries even have Gilderoy Lockhart.

How about G. Mc Donald Frazier's "Flashman" character?

Jordan: I think Flashman fits this perfectly, although with twist that he is the protagonist.

ralphmerridew: removed "Skeeve of the MYTH series is a case where the protagonist is a Fake Ultimate Hero. He's a magician of only average power, but he's built a formidable reputation through luck, trickery, and a lot of help from his friends. At this point, he can get a lot done just by informing opponents that he's the Great Skeeve. Of course, his reputation attracts as many problems as it solves..."; even if their raw power isn't as great as their reputation Skeeve & team was responsible for stopping Isstvan, the army, winning the game, stopping the mob, etc.

I'm thinking Z at the start of the movie Antz. Entirely unintentional, of course.

I'm thinking the protagonists of 8-bit theater..."The important thing is that good deeds were done and we were nearby" kinda gives it away :P