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10:08:10 PM Aug 6th 2013
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  • One early story arc in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine featured Li Nalas, the greatest hero of the Bajoran resistance. He had chased down Gul Zarale, an infamous Cardassian war criminal, and then killed him, inspiring Bajoran rebels all across the world with his bravery. His return was expected to unite Bajor under him. Only it's a massive exaggeration. Li Nalas was scouting when he accidentally fell into a lake some Cardassian was bathing in, and shot him in his underwear before the man could get his own gun. Only afterward did he realize it was the Cardassian War Criminal Gul Zarale, and the story spread and got slightly changed as it went on until it didn't remotely resemble what he actually did. Li Nalas hated that he was regarded as a hero and considered himself a massive fake, to the point that when he dies quite heroically his last words are to express relief at being "off the hook" for needing to live up to his supposedly undeserved reputation.

The second-level bullet point doesn't contribute to the example. I'm putting it here because it's funny.
01:51:07 PM Dec 18th 2013
Somebody listed Mother Teresa as a real-life example. I think that this might be controversial to Catholic tropers, so I'm thinking of doing away with real-life examples of this trope.
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