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Andyzero: Took out the Venus Versus Virus spoiler space, since it's in the opening sequence.
Jefepato: Removed Jarlaxle's surname. It's a spoiler and not at all necessary to the example.
Citizen: Granted, I have enough images as it is, but is there any particular justification for replacing this with this, Sketch? This page is listed as an Anime Trope...

Sketch:...'cause it's a cool picture? Actually, somebody on a YKTTW said that he felt there were too many anime images on tropes that weren't anime-specific (which this isn''s also listed under Animated Trope, Comic Book Tropes, Eye Tropes, Costume Tropes, and The Oldest Ones in the Book). And if IIRC, he actually blamed you for that. He gave this page as an example, somebody suggested replacing Kenpachi with Snake Plissken, another seconded that notion and I guess I kind of unofficially thirded it.

I was actually looking for a picture of Big Boss, but came across that picture of Plissken first. So I used that. Other tropes have had their main images replaced before (Enfante Terrible used to be some smiling little girl before it was its current picture) so I didn't think it'd be a problem.

Citizen: I get annoyed when a picture of mine gets replaced without any mention/discussion in the Discussion page... Whatever.
Dcoetzee: I removed a bunch of examples and split them out to the new Peek-a-Bangs. Please put future hair-eyepatches over there. :-)
Dcoetzee: And I just moved some more examples to Peek-a-Bangs. Look for any missing items there.

Ketsuban: Regarding the quote at the top... if the eyepatch results in hate amplification by stimulated emission of radiation... does that mean he literally hases you?

Randallw: I'd just like to say how wonderful it is that the bit I wrote some time ago about Deathstroke's wife c. her gun seems to have been censored.

Redkun: I laughed when I saw that the bit about Georg Prime being too "cocky" was also censored.