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Somebody incorrectly stated that Seymour was the only living enemy in FFX. The temple guards, for example, are actually living humans — but they vanish without a trace upon death, unlike Seymour (who gets a long death scene).

Fly: Someone was wrong about MGS. In the original game, where dead enemies disappear, lockers cannot be used, at all, ever.

Amazing how long it took to mention The Invaders...

Morgan Wick: Cut this from the main description, as it's actually an example of Never Say "Die", but amenable to putting it back if someone feels it fits here: Nintendo is (in)famous for making sure that Every Thing Fades, to the point of near-insanity — while Mario undoubtably does do serious injury to the Goombas and Koopa Troopas that he stomps, they're never 'killed', but instead, 'defeated' or 'eliminated', according to Nintendo's censorship policies.

The comment about the cars in GTA that stay longer if you leave the door open being illogical considering the number of carjackings. I've heard that in South Africa where the crime rate and number of carjackings are notoriously high. if you parked your car and left the window open, crooks would avoid it suspecting a police sting. I'm sure there's a "So obvious it couldn't possibly be a trap" trope, but can't be arsed to find it.

MCE: This article seems to have a bit of an overlap with No Body Left Behind, personally the way I see it is in Everything Fades remains remain solid after death but then disappear a bit later, with No Body Left Behind the body fades instantly or collapses into dust or ash, hence no body. Perhaps this can be made more clear in both articles.