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Zeke: A little context for the Voyager item I just added: being heavily in VOY fandom at the time, I knew several Straight Girls who were Hot For Kate with varying degrees of seriousness, up to and including creepy. Don't date the creepy ones. Trust me on this.

Citizen: I nominate this picture (or, alternatively, the bottom half with the top's sub as a caption) to replace the current, but only because I found this scene cuter, so I won't press the point.

Gato-El: Inara from Firefly deserves a nod. In a episode "Our Mrs. Reynolds" Saffron tried to seduce Inara so that she could escape from the Serenity crew. As resourceful as Saffron is she wouldn't have chosen seduce as a method of ditching Inara but one could say her doing that probably showed that Saffron has some degree of attraction towards Inara.

Then you have the whole one sided Les Yay between Inara and the Mechanic Kaylee.

HackerOnHacker: Could we cut down on the Real Life examples, or at least elaborate a little? Unless we can find examples of women actually wanting the example in question, it all just seems like listing actresses who are attractive.

s5555: This troper's mother would often mention Emma Peel/Diana Rigg as being particularly sexy at her time. Would it be appropriate to include her?