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05:34:10 AM Apr 11th 2012
Is it me, or are too many of these examples not really germane... involving /lesbians/ being attracted to the "Her" of the title? Isn't this trope for when people who /wouldn't normally be attracted to a girl/ are attracted to a girl?
06:46:15 AM Apr 11th 2012
Yes. Go ahead and remove those blatantly wrong examples.
07:32:05 AM Apr 1st 2012
IRL, famous females are more likely to have female fans than males are to have male fans. It’s a complicated aspect of society that we are more accommodating to women than to men, or as someone once very bluntly (and drunkly) put it, “Lesbians are cool, but (homosexual males) should be hung.”
09:39:51 PM May 21st 2012
The reason that Double Standard exists is that society is Male dominated. So it's lesser known that straight women can be turned on by Man on Man action, but they can. And they can also find Lesbian affection repulsive as much as Straight men can be repulsed by Male Gays, I've seen my mother express it.
02:46:34 PM Apr 17th 2015
Also, it's not like it's a blessing to have straight men fetishize you. :/
08:42:30 PM Jan 8th 2011
edited by Somepartsareme
Disregard this, didn't know about Distaff Counterpart, etc
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