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Working Title: Wholesome multi-ethnic capitalist Death Squad: From YKTTW

  • The Wanderer: I think it would be a great idea if someone who could upload pics here would use this as the page image.

  • Re: Street Fighter 2: the movie. I don't know if Bison recruits from all over the world. It's the Allied Nations forces that seem to be made up of lots of different countries, and the joke bit on how to tell if you are in a good unit in the A.N.(apparently, it's good to have an English CO, but not a German CO.).

Specifically: "How do you know in this man's, uh, pardon me, in this person's international army, if you're in a good unit? It's simple! The C.O. is English, the cook is French, the mechanic is German, the paymaster is Swiss, and the cute nurse in the infirmary is Swedish. And how do you know if you're in a bad unit? Well, the C.O. is German, the cook is English, the mechanic is Italian, the paymaster is French, and the cute nurse in the infirmary is a Bulgarian named Boris."
Citizen: Trope Co. was moved off to its own namespace for good reason, and this was more of the same.