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05:02:22 AM Sep 25th 2012
Is there a "good" counterpart to this?
08:40:16 AM Feb 24th 2013
No, I don't think so. After all, at least in modern times, the hero is already expected to be politically correct, thus something like Equal Opportunity Good or Politically Correct Hero would probably be an Omnipresent Trope. While there can still be an article on it, it would be redundant to list examples.
12:03:44 PM Mar 1st 2013
I think it might make sense to have a trope for Equal Opportunity Good in works where different species/races teaming up is not the norm. The Warcraft universe is a good example, however it's the only one I can think of, so that might make it too rare to be a trope.
04:40:34 PM Nov 2nd 2013
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