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So have there every been any example of this backfiring? A guy with a chainsaw leaps into a scene and the actor yells 'What the fuck?" as he reacts?

Lale: They probably wouldn't make it into the movie, so how would we know?

Maybe anecdotes from the set, and these days DVD outtakes?

Bedinsis: There is one example I know of: In Back to the Future 1, Marty and his date/mother are drinking in a car. Michael Fox, who played Marty, thought the drink would just be water, but it turned out it was genuin scotch. He spat it out, and the scene had to be reshot. I don't know if the director tried to get a particular emotion/reaction, but interesting none the less.

Whatever: There was an example in The Descent. I put it on the main page and took out the old entry which incorrectly said it worked.

Some of these guys sound like such asses, I'd love to hear about some actor who just couldn't be fazed no matter what they did.

Vulpy: Uh, guys...we've been discovered by Fazed. How are those server upgrades coming?

Scifantasy: How complicated is making a Troper Tales page? This one's begging for it...

Devil's Advocate: Deleting
In Dr. Lecter's speech to Agent Starling in The Silence Of The Lambs, about Starling being "not more than one generation from poor white trash," Anthony Hopkins briefly mimics Jodie Foster's accent. Reportedly, Hopkins had not done this in rehearsals, and Foster is visibly taken aback delivering her next line.
I don't believe this is accurate: the scene is shot showing Lecter from Starling's point of view, and vice versa. It couldn't be done in a single take, because there would have had to have been two cameras, each showing up in the other's shots. Hopkins' and Foster's lines must have been filmed separately. We may just have to accept that Foster is that good of an actress.

Rogue 7: Devil's Advocate, if you're going to cut half the damn page, and do it across multiple edits so that they get deleted from the archives, save it somewhere. And/or write up a page where the examples go.

Devil's Advocate: I cut about fifteen alleged examples from a page that has over a hundred examples. That's hardly "half the damn page." And what I've cut is still on the history page if you want to dispute them. If making them all at once is preferred to making each a separate edit, then I apologize for that, but separate edits made sense to me so that each one could be individually justified in the "edit reason," visible on the history page.

Rogue 7: Looking back on the examples you cut, what's needed is less a gutting of the examples and more an addition to the description. For instance- Aragorn breaking his foot was a random accident that led to unintentional method acting. It was "enforced" by the events of the scene. I'll have a bit of a go and see about adding in stuff you deleted. And do we have a page for straight-up Method Acting?

Devil's Advocate: Sounds good—I was thinking of adding a "what Enforced Method Acting is not" section based on some of the misconceptions but wasn't sure how to word it. I think the "enforced by events" variant is really just Throw It In! and should be included there instead. (Indeed, I see Mortensen breaking his toe is already there.) Though the text of Throw It In! specifies "for comic effect," there's a lot of examples there which aren't comic, so that can probably be changed.

Revolos55: Anyone know what this "" thing is at the bottom of the page? Is it relevant/important?

Alhazred: Deleted this:

  • In Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home, there's a street scene with Uhura and Chekov trying to get directions from other pedestrians. As it turns out the scene was shot candid-camera style and all the pedestrians were real people who had no idea a movie shoot was in progress. This includes the lady who actually did stop and interact with the actors. After she left, someone was sent after her to obtain permission to use her footage and to give her an SAG card.

This is an urban myth. The camera was hidden, but the people Uhura and Chekov talk to are hired extras. The lady who talks to them did have to be inducted into the SAG, though, because she speaks; she was supposed to ignore them like the others, but instead ad-libbed her line, and they decided it was worth the trouble to keep it after Koenig and Nicholes played along.

Furi Kuri: Why the hell is, under the James Cameron part, "the biggest prick in Hollywood" linked over to Small Name, Big Ego? Last I checked, the guy who directed the first two Terminator movies and Titanic isn't exactly a small name.