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08:41:17 PM Mar 7th 2013
  • In Jaws, the attack on Chrissie Watkins was simulated by tying two ropes to Susan Backlinie and pulling them to and fro. Unfortunately, one of the ropes was pulled too hard, breaking a rib. Those screams of pain and terror are real.

I'm not sure this new example fits this trope. I think since it was an accident and a real injury, it was a case of Throw It In!, like with the injuries that the actor who play Aragon in Lord of the Rings got.
03:41:21 PM Jan 29th 2013
I think the note for the movie "Holiday Inn" describes Fred Astaire, not Bing Crosby. Astaire performs the drunken dance scene upon arriving at the inn after Lila leaves him.
06:26:16 AM Dec 19th 2012
Aren't the fictional examples We Would Have Told You, But...?
11:53:21 AM Nov 17th 2012
How well-attested is the story about Slim Pickens not knowing Dr. Strangelove was a comedy? Given his lines — and the readings Pickens gave them — it seems impossible.
07:38:37 AM Jan 15th 2012
The examples in this article are kind of a mess with a whole lot of examples that don't even follow the trope and some that are mostly about method acting instead of being forced method acting. Also, many examples aren't really explained so that one could understand the point behind them.

"As early as the first Terminator crew members wore T-Shirts emblazoned with "You can't scare me. I work for James Cameron.""
07:30:56 AM Jan 16th 2012
That one is less an example and more a follow up to the examples involving him, the implication that James Cameron pulls this a lot, so his crew is used to being scared, or something along those lines.
04:31:29 PM Feb 29th 2012
edited by pcw2727
I cleaned this page up a while back and now its got even more examples that don't fit the trope. A common misunderstanding seems to come from cases in which actors were given method acting influences by the director (such as requiring actors to go to boot camp before playing soldiers). I think the title itself leads people to think "any method acting that the director forces you to do" rather then the existing descriptions.

07:26:08 PM Jun 25th 2011
edited by dm3588
In "The Silence of the Lambs", when Clarice is talking to Lecter and he starts mocking her Virginia accent, Hopkins had not told Foster he was going to do that, and her offended expression is genuine.
09:30:48 PM Jan 22nd 2011
What about Stage Moms making faces at the actors beside the camera, does it count?
05:04:37 PM Apr 19th 2010
The ironic thing about this trope is, the better the actor, the less it should work. Unless they've been told to react to whatever happens, the natural response is presumably to avoid deviating from the script.
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