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Andrew: Removed the photo because it was huge and the general audience probably has the same reaction I did: who the hell is that and why is she on this page?

Navian: I think this page could benefit from an actual description of how it works... Smart people can have more potential for success, but also get bored more easily and tend to have high expectations put on them. Less smart people often are considered 'disabled' and have no expectations of them in modern society, which is another source of issues, the opposite problem of too high ones. That's just some examples.

Average people are probably the most likely to be happy since anyone far outside the norm needs special treatment (and not THAT kind) in order to function without either being overworked or underworked. The article rambles a bit about tangential stuff... I just don't think I can clean it up without neutering it, myself.

Rainbow: This trope seems to be divided a bit, and it even shows in the quotes. I'm a little confused about what this trope is supposed to be, is it about smart people being evil, or smart people being unhappy? These seem like two different things (although they can go together), and should there be separate sections on this page for examples for each of these and/or the combination of these two? Does "Dumb is Good" mean "it's better to be stupid because thinking makes you unhappy", does it mean "intelligence makes you evil" or is it both? It seems like both, but they sound like somewhat separate concepts to me.