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10:32:06 PM May 6th 2014
This example is arguing with itself. Could someone more knowledgeable please take a look at it?

  • Kamen Rider Ryuki has a quite anti-intellectual vibe to it. The title hero, Kido Shinji, is an impulsive and idealistic fool and wants to protect everybody (even the evil Kamen Riders who are trying to kill him). The other heroes are a barroom brawler (Akiyama Ren), a tea shop waitress (Kanzaki Yui) and a fortune teller (Tezuka Miyuki). In contrast, many of the villains are educated types. The Big Bad is Well-Intentioned Extremist Kanzaki Shirou. His colleague teacher Kagawa Hideyuki is a sleazy Straw Vulcan. Kitaoka Shuuichi is an Amoral Attorney. And college students Shibaura Jun and Toujou Satoru are both Ax-Crazy nitwits.
    • That's hardly a fair assumption to make. I'll give you Kanzaki, Kagawa and Shibaura but the others mentioned seem to be scraping the bottom of the barrel. Kitaoka, for all his scruples, is much cleaner than most in the 'Amoral Attorney' category, and Toujou's role as a college student is barely given a passing mention, if even that. Also, one of the primary antagonists is Asakura who most definitely does not fall under the "well educated category". For that matter, a minor antagonist, Mitsuru, ended up where he was precisely because his father thought he was a naive, immature rascal that needed much maturing. Granted, he ended up the heir of his father's company, but even the Board of Executives acknowledged that he was going to need their help for awhile before he was ready to take the reins himself.
09:31:40 PM Dec 28th 2012
I'm thinking about eliminating the whole Flowers for Algernon entry, since it's really just a combination of Ignorance Is Bliss and Intelligence Equals Isolation. Anybody disagree?
06:14:54 PM Oct 7th 2012
Uh, is it just me, or should there be a space between the words "Dumb" and "Is" in the trope page title?
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