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Working Title: Dumb Blonde: From YKTTW

Ross N: Who is that picture of anyway?

Also (and I admit this is kind of a personal peeve of mine) do we really need *yet another* anime pic for a generic character type? Why not use Marylin Monroe or Goldie Hawn? Or Kelly Bundy? Or anything else really.

Goldfritha: How about one that's not monstruously large?

Ross N: Done.

Trogga: I still don't think it works as a B&W pic.

SpiriTsunami: Is this really a Double Standard trope? Or, for that matter, is it even Always Female? I guess in practice, it is, but when I hear blonde jokes, they don't seem to differentiate between the two. Yes, the majority of them are about women, but in the jokes, they treat blonde guys as just as dumb. And from what I know, it's true.

Igloo Mc Coy: How is Buttercup a dumb blonde? She was boring, a little arrogant, and pretty useless, but I never saw her as unintelligent.

Goldfritha: You're right about the Double Standard, I think.

And Buttercup is absolute clueless. About almost everything. (Which I suppose makes her smarter than the king, but this is not a relative standard.)