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Mister Six: "One of the doors into the theater in Mystery Science Theater 3000 invariably makes the Doom noise." --- does it? I don't think so...

HeartBurn Kid: OK, maybe "invariably" is a bit strong, but I remember it happening in at least one season, probably in the Sci-Fi Channel years since that's when I really watched the show regularly. I honestly did think this was something of a tradition for them; however, I just sat and watched several of the Comedy Central-era entrances and exits from the theater, and didn't hear it, so maybe it was just those later seasons?

Mister Six: Yeah, I've only seen the really early seasons any time recently. Can you remember what the framing story was? Was it Mike running from Pearl or Mike being tortured by Dr Frank? Or something else?

HeartBurn Kid: Well, like I said, it was definitely the Sci-Fi seasons (with Pearl and the rest) that I really watched regularly; I've only seen a few of the original eps. As for when they had the Doom sound, I think it was pretty much consistent throughout them; whether they were being chased by the Microbus, or in Roman times, or Pearl was at Castle Forrester, I do remember the Doom doors. Damnit, I need to start getting DV Ds.

Mister Six: I'll try to rustle up the DVD I have and see if I can hear it on the Pearl one. I'm 99% sure that it's not the specific Doom Door sound, though.

Licky Lindsay: all I can add is that it had to be the "Mike" seasons, since Joel left before Doom was released.

Mister Six: Doom got its sound from a stock samples CD/record. It could have been around long before the game.

Ununnilium: I've seen episodes from every single season, and I never noticed the Doom door noise.

The Defenestrator: I have to note that for me, the "fwoosh" noise is the sound effect for the "accelerate" spell from the game Magic Carpet.

Scottbert: Should we add the Quake Teleporter sound to the list? I've heard it used numerous times as well.