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dkellis: Removed:
And while we saw Syaoran's mother (and sister) in the first movie, we see no trace of his father.
from the Cardcaptor Sakura example, since in the anime, Wei states clearly (episode 19) that Syaoran's father passed away early on. I don't think any mention of Syaoran's family is given in the manga, but my copy is buried deep in my bookshelf, so I can't check. //LATER: Actually, reading the trope description again, I put it back in.

That Other 1 Dude: What was the Word of God that said Mac's dad was dead?

Meta4: I moved the bit about Anthony Carver over to Parental Abandonment, since Annie's mom is also gone.

Austin: I edited the bit about John Winchester from Supernatural. The person who wrote that entry seems to have a very one-sided memory of those episodes, because John does apologize several times to his sons. And while he does say he isn't crazy about Dean's tone, right before that he says "You're right." and he says the same thing right after it. That's a pretty important detail to overlook.

Jisu: Moving some discussion from the Cardcaptor Sakura note:

  • I always had two theories about how Tomoyo was born: the first is that she's the fruit of some short-lived relationship her mother had, maybe even a one-night stand, but Sonomi is such a strong woman she didn't need a father to raise her. The other involves artificial insemination - Sonomi needed an heir, or just wanted to have a child if she doesn't like men, either way it was a convenient solution. The second theory reinforces the suspect that Sonomi's a lesbian (also notice that Tomoyo was raised in a completely male-free environment).

Also, in response: This makes sense on the surface, I'll give you that. The only thing is the family's reaction. They disowned Nadeshiko, when before she was the favourite child, just because she went off and married a man who wasn't as rich as they were (and the family still ended up considerably well-off). Would they really continue to embrace Sonomi after she got pregnant with no husband at all? Also note that their surname is Daidouji, not Amamiya - where'd that come from? She probably ended up marrying someone her family approved of, although she still loved Nadeshiko and was extremely bitter that her cousin was stolen away.